Heartwarming Video of Man With Down Syndrome Unites With His Brother Guarding at Windsor Castle

It is a special feeling when you get to experience your family members in a reputed post. Therefore, Sam was eager to meet his brother Jack. Whose job is to serve the Queen.

This will be one a job tour. Sam will never forget in his entire life. The older brother works hard to protect the Queen at the famous Windsor Castle in London. As Sam sufferers from Down Syndrome, Lt. Bragger, and Sgt. Baggot-Moore fills him on the do’s and don’t’s around a queen’s guard.

Jack stands tall with the standard uniform of a soldier, a big, black fur hat, and gray coat. To acknowledge the presence of visitors, he stomps his leg. The action makes Sam smile with pride and joy. After a quick photo op, the group waits for his sibling’s duty to be over.

The Queen’s Guard soldiers have to follow her majesty order on how to approach visitors. You will be surprised to know they are allowed to react to the onlookers. However, they maintain a stoic persona even during heckling. Therefore, it is not a job for the faint of hearts. One needs to have self-control and stamina to work long hours. Eventually, the brothers reunite, and it’s a beautiful moment to witness. Please share your favorite moments with the soldiers’ guard if you had a chance to visit them.

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