Siblings are a wonderful part of our lives. Although we constantly fight with them, there is no other we would spend our days. So, when one of the siblings gets married, every brother or sister has to make their day even more special.

Like these seven brothers who entertained their sister till the very end on her wedding day. The brothers own the nine minutes of transitional dance ranging from pop, R&B, and even Bollywood. The music starts with “The Lion Kings ‘King of Africa,” and the men came prepared with props. Soon after, the brothers seamlessly move to a Salsa number by Kudero. Then comes none other than Michael Jackson, cause we know no dance act is complete with Jackson’s Smooth Criminal.

One after another, the brothers move from genre to genre, exhibiting the epic level of energy. The siblings were not only entertaining the crowd but symbolizing every feeling in the book of love. With every hi-thurst and vibrant choreography, the performance comes to an end. On the final number, the brothers pay tribute to their lovely sister’s bf finishing it off with “That’s What Makes You Beautiful” by One direction. This video has garnered a lot of love and attention from the viewers.

A performance this energetic and full of love should never go unnoticed. Kindly share this video with your loved ones.

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