Got a Zipper That Won’t Close? Wait Till You Try This Genius Trick!

If you really think about it, zipper is actually one of the most genius inventions around. No wonder they are used in so many things! But we have all gone through that terribly irritating moment when the zipper in our favorite bag or jacket breaks and makes everything unusable. But that’s where this gem of a video comes in!

When our zippers break, we try to find someone to repair it for us, but it is really too much trouble and it also wastes some precious bucks. Good news is, you can actually fix it yourself. It is really easy as well. This clip was posted by UCAN Zippers and it shares with us an extremely simple money-saving trick to fix our broken zippers. Wait till you see this useful trick!


Watch the video below! This just saved me from a whole lot of trouble! Let us know what you thought about it in the comments!

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