This Tiny Toddler Received His First Parking Ticket. But His Reaction is Priceless Beyond Words!

Constable Shawn Currie posted around Halifax waterfront has a lot of duties to attend to. One of them is to make sure the circle is clear for emergency vehicles. But sometimes, bikers tend to park there. And one of them has been breaking the internet with his cuteness. Three-year-old “biker” Declan Tramley is going to melt you with his boardwalk explorations.

One of Declan’s favorite things to do on the waterfront is to check out other motorcycles in view. He even wears his leather jacket and goes around to mingle with his fellow bikers. One day, however, he decided to park his bike where the other bikers did. That’s when Constable Shawn went up to him and pretended to give him a ticket! Wait till you see the little guy’s reaction!


Watch this hilarious story in the video below! At what age did you get your first parking ticket? Let us know in the comments!

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