Baby Elephant Uses Broken Water Pipe As Her Own Personal Sprinkler

Baby animals are possibly the cutest of animals you will ever know of. I swear to god, there is nothing that will boost my serotonin more than baby animals.

But where do you get to see baby animals when you are feeling down? Well, the videos that you want to watch are surfacing all around the internet. You will get to watch the most wholesome and adorable videos of all time with the click of a single button. And of all the videos that I have watched on the internet till now, this has to be the best one possible.

Elephants are very cute and this one is simply one of those that will make you happy in every way possible. This little one is having the best time of its life. When the water pipe broke, the elephant knew it was a good day. It just goes to the pipe and pretends as if it is its sprinkler.

You will surely smile to your ears when you watch this video. Watch the full video below!

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