Orphaned River Otters Discover Pile of Leaves for First Time, It’s an Instant Party

What happens when you release one of the most playful animals on earth into a giant pile of leaves, which is arguable one of the best playgrounds on earth? Instant fun!

These adorable young otters, all seven to nine months old, are being cared for at ARC for Wildlife in Texas and will be released into the wild next summer. This orphanage provides them a secure place to eat, sleep and get mature before releasing them into their habitat.

In this video, none of these otters have ever seen a pile of leaves until today, when they are released inside the park. They give a similar response like every other kid: OMG, let’s have a party!

To a backdrop of the song, “Wipeout,” these little toddlers run, jump, play tag, chase and generally have a great time checking out this wonderful playground. They have so much fun you can’t help but smile watching them.

Watch these cute animals having fun at the park in the video below and let us know your thoughts by leaving a Facebook comment.

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