When something embarrassing happens, we have the urge to look away. But that’s hard to do when it’s on national television.

This throwback video shows a 1972 performance of two rock-n-roll legends, the “Father of Rock and Roll” Chuck Berry and singer/songwriter John Lennon of the Beatles. This was the first meeting of these two future Hall of Famers and, while the songs were great, the performance contained a bizarre on-camera event that’s the reason for this post.

Berry and Lennon are accompanied by backing band and Lennon’s wife Yoko Ono is also on stage, playing a hand drum. In the middle of the first song (1:55 in video), Ono begins a strange chanting noise into the microphone. The surprise of the noise is evident on Berry’s face–and they clearly mute Ono’s microphone afterward. 

Then they turn her microphone back on and she does it again! Watch the full video below:

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