‘Longest Proposal Ever’ Boyfriend Shows Hilarious Photos Proposing To His Clueless Girlfriend

People have started to become more and more creative on proposals. While other people plan a flash mob or set up a sign that says, “Marry Me”, 30-year old Edi Okoro from Hertfordshire waited for the perfect chance to propose to his 28-year old girlfriend, Cally Read. He already bought a diamond ring months before popping the question and decided to do something special.

Okoro said that it would be difficult to plan an event because if he decides to invite Read for a vacation or a meal, she would immediately realize what he is about to do. That is why he decided to improvise and took the ring wherever they go in case the “perfect moment” arrives. He then secretly took photos of his girlfriend and included the engagement ring. This happened for an entire month without his girlfriend realizing. He mentioned on the Facebook post caption that: “The idea was to take as many photos, in more daring scenarios, until I found the perfect moment to propose, or until I got caught, at which point I would propose.” 

As the days turned into weeks, he challenged himself to make the photos even more daring by taking pictures on situations with great risks of getting caught. Some photos are taken in situations like when she was walking around the house and took a selfie with the ring his hand, or while she was in line at the counter. He even left the ring with her other pieces of jewelry for two days and she still did not notice it. He wanted to do something bolder and placed the ring on top of Read’s hand while she was sleeping.

Okoro who calls himself a “spontaneous improviser” was finally able to propose to Read. Watch the video here:

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