I like to post videos of people dancing to a public piano performance because it shows happiness, which is one of the best forms of human expression. Here’s a girl who exudes happiness in her dance and I think you’ll be smiling from ear to ear.

This video is most likely staged but it’s still great to watch. This little girl, Zoe, appears to be shopping in a nearby store when she hears Brendan Kavanagh’s boogie woogie piano start out in the atrium. Kavanagh says it’s a song by Professor Longhair, the stage name of Roy Bird, a New Orleans signer and pianist who helped shape the R&B sound of that town.

Zoe heads over, takes off her coat and starts doing a great little tap number, which leads Kavanagh to call her the “White Angel.” By the time she’s finished, there’s quite a crowd watching and they are certainly impressed with her dancing. Nine-year-old Zoe said she’s been dancing for five years–half her life–and it’s certainly paying off.

This footage is excellent. Watch the full video below!

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