Here’s a great music-and-dance video that might be a good impromptu street performance or it might be a set-up, staged from the beginning. But as you watch the video, I hope you’ll decided (like I did) that it’s a fun performance either way.

Brendan Kavanagh is a street performer who plays the piano, most of the time in a London train station where he has a permanent piano in place. In this video, as he walks up to the piano, there is a blonde woman with a backpack leaning against it.

Once he starts playing, she obviously loves the music and begins dancing. Soon there’s a crowd and she entices some others to dance along with her. It’s a fun scene that you won’t want to miss.

There’s some question here, and it’s a legitimate concern, on whether or not this entire routine is a set-up: is this girl really waiting on the Paris train to arrive, or is she a plant–some sort of pro dancer who’s there to generate internet views?

My take on the whole thing is: who cares? She’s a good dancer, he’s a great piano player, and it’s all enjoyable to watch. It would be great to think it’s all off the cuff, but it doesn’t have to be impromptu to be incredible.

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