This recipe will get you the perfect boiled eggs every single time!

Boiled eggs are the perfect breakfast food. They are healthy, filling, and delicious! However, it’s so challenging to get the consistency of eggs right. Sometimes the yolks become chalky and dry. At other times, they are undercooked, and the whites remain watery. However, this recipe may be able to solve all your problems.

This method of boiling eggs by youtube channel Food Wishes is foolproof! It’s a slightly longer process, but the result is terrific eggs every time. All you have to do is put eggs in a saucepan. Fill it with water until it comes one inch above. Set in high heat till the water simmers, forming little bubbles. Just as the eggs start moving, turn off the heat, but make sure you keep the lids on. Leave the saucepan alone for 17 minutes. Again, put the eggs in cold water for 20 minutes then enjoy! You’ll never eat overcooked Hardboiled eggs again.


If you prefer soft boiled eggs, it’s even easier. You have to fill a pan with water. After it boils, set the heat lower to the point that the waters in constant simmer. Add in your eggs and cook for 5 minutes and go to town! The eggs will be deliciously creamy and ready to be dipped. Watch the easy video below for more instructions:

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