Traumatized dog aggressively bites itself, concerned owner asks help from pet trainers

Almost all dogs are capable of being loving and loyal pets, but they may also develop anxiety and trauma when abused by people. In Korea, this one dog, in particular, was adopted by a pet-lover because she was believed to be abused by her previous owner– the effects on the dog were just sad to witness.

The dog’s new owner decided to name her Yiwol. According to the owner, “Yiwol” means February in the Korean language, which is also the month she started caring for the dog. Yiwol is loving and playful with her new owner but acts weird from time to time. She would frequently bite herself out of nowhere, and her owner is very concerned about her condition. In this one time, the poor dog was in the middle of a meal when she started to aggressively bite herself. Her owner is completely heartbroken to see her in this kind of state. Thankfully pet trainers decided to help the dog get rid of her unusual habit.

The pet trainers said that Yiwol is somehow fearful of things, and they thought that maybe her previous owner threw things at her often. They used food to help her overcome the trauma thus training her to eliminate visual fears. The trainers also said that Yiwol was crazy obedient to a fault, which is not common on most dogs.

Watch the full video below to see how Yiwol remarkably overcame her trauma.

For the first time in a long time, Yiwol can now sleep calmly and peacefully– forgetting about all the bad memories she once experienced.

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