Man Fights Off Armed Intruder to Protect His Fiance

Here’s a harrowing video that could have gone badly wrong except for the exceptional bravery and quick action of a man to protect the woman he loves.

Caspian Shamel and his wife Isabelle, who was his fiancé at the time, were lounging in their Idaho Falls, Idaho, apartment at 1:30 am after returning from a date. Isabelle was on the couch, looking at her phone, while Caspian was in the kitchen.

There’s a loud bang and the door downstairs flies open–which was not all that unusual, they said, since they had roommates downstairs. But this time it wasn’t one of the roommates at the door.

It was a masked and hooded intruder carrying a shotgun. Caspian comes walking out of the kitchen, right in front of the man’s shotgun. What happened next is amazing: Caspian grabs the shotgun barrel and wrestles the man to the floor.

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