Ellen Invited A 5 Yr Old Onstage. But Wait Till You See The Little Girl

Children have a potential to learn things very quickly. It is often said that they have a sponge-like brain. Kids are known to pick up things more swiftly if those things are introduced at an early age. All kids have different interests, just like the little girl featured in the video below!

This smart girl is named Macey Hensley and she is only five years old. Many kids her age are interested in toys and dolls and cartoons, but Macey on the other hand is interested in learning about the presidents of the USA. She started when she was just four years old! Now she knows almost everything about the presidents! She even dressed as one on Halloween! Ellen was really impressed, so she got her a VIP pass to the White House.

Watch this adorable and funny girl in the clip below! Did she make you smile? Be sure to share what you thought about it in the comments section!

[ytvid id=”XFismjYRcRM”]

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