Dad in Tears After Son Carries on Christmas Tradition

Christmas is the best season for companies to come out with great advertising ideas. It’s the best time to capture the attention of people because it’s gifting season. And consumers are looking for the best things to buy and gift to their loved ones.

Therefore, you must have a fantastic advertisement to sell your product. And Bouygues Telecom maybe has one of the best holiday ads.

best christmas ad

The video starts with a man putting a cassette inside a tape recorder. Then “Come and Get Your Love” by the Redbone starts to play. The man then does a funny dance and shows it to his toddler son. And thus, it becomes a father and son Christmas tradition.

Every year at Christmas, the father plays the same song and does the same weird dance in front of his son. When the son is all grown up and has his son, he leaves a surprise for his father under the Christmas tree, and it’s a Bouygues mobile phone. When the father opens his present, the son plays the same song in front of his grandson. And thus, the Christmas tradition is passed to another generation.

WATCH the heartwarming ad below.

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