Andrea Bocelli’s Soulful Performance of “Ave Maria” Will Give You Chills

Ave Maria is a humble catholic prayer praising the mother of Jesus Christ. Formerly in the form of a poem, Franz Schubert made it into a heavenly hymn with a soulful composition. Moreover, Andrea Bocelli sang it in the 2018 World Meeting of Families, which was held in Rome. And he joins the stunning to Celine Byrne to perform it in front of the Pope.

Andrea Bocelli is well known all over the globe for his incredible voice. Moreover, people line up to see his phenomenal live performances even though he’s been doing it for ages! However, there is nothing more honorable than performing in front of the Pope. And the singer gives it his absolute best!

andrea and celine wmof

Closing his eyes, Andrea means each word as he utters it out of his mouth. Furthermore, he sings the hymn delicately with his smooth voice. And he doesn’t miss a note as he sings the powerful lyrics. But when Celine Byrne begins singing, the song becomes complete!

And when they sing together, it turns into magic. Watch the magnificent performance below:

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