Server Leaves Touching Note on Firefighters’ Tab Not Knowing It Would Change Everything

Sometimes a small act of kindness can do miracles. You never know how much impact you can make with the smallest actions.

This story will inspire you to be a better person not just for yourself but also for the good of people. In this viral story, Liz is the server of the diner who helped two firefighters have a better day ahead. The two firefighters looked pretty exhausted when they came in. They were beyond tired and needed something to fuel them up.

That is when Liz decided to help them out. She served them both a cup of coffee each with a note that said that the coffee was on her. The men were extremely happy to receive her kind service. Liz and her family also helped raise $86,500 for Steve who is suffering from a brain aneurysm rupture.

Liza is beautiful inside out and this story proves it. Watch the full video below!

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