Toddler Best Friends Race To Hug Each Other After Two Days Apart

If only all of us could be as pure and innocent like children. There would be no hatred and discrimination on unnecessary grounds. The world would be such a perfect place! But unfortunately, we are all grown-ups so all we’ve got is cute videos of kids to brighten our day…

The following video features Maxwell and Finnegan who have stayed apart since 2 days. Doesn’t sound like a long time, right? But seeing them rejoice on catching a glimpse of each other makes us believe that they sure did miss each other a lot! The boys couldn’t stop smiling as they ran towards each other and share the warmest, most affectionate hug. We can feel the love till here!


Maxwell’s dad, Michael Cisneros says that the boys are inseparable and when away from one another, they’re always enquiring about the other. Moreover, the ‘partners in crime’ attend music class together and are excellent dancers. We must start a petition for either of the parents to record them performing and share it online!

WATCH the video to witness the immense joy of seeing your friend. We cannot wait to see these best buds growing up together!

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