For men having facial hairs is a matter of pride. It is a representation of manhood and men love to groom and make their beard stylish. Are dads even allowed to have beards? But it looks like kids are suddenly alarmed when dads shave their beard and they fail to recognize them. The reactions of these kids after they see their dad without a beard is priceless. When a father reveals he has shaved his beard to the son, he is not at all happy. It’s hilarious to see him running away and making faces of pure disgust. This son does not approve of his father’s choices. We can see the most adorable baby in the video who is in awe after witnessing his dad’s beard.

While some of the children reacted quite the opposite, a kid screams in agony after his dad tells him he’s going to cut off his beard. A dad refers to this as a ‘stranger-danger’ phenomena for the kids as they failed to recognize their dad with the beards shaved off. A daughter refuses to acknowledge her dad without beard and runs to her mama, a heart-breaking moment for papa.

More than the sons, darling daughters seem to have a lot to say about the beard. The funniest one would be a child remarking, ‘Why does he have a different face?’ On a more hurtful note, a daughter is disappointed with her clean shaved dad and now wants ‘a new dada.’

Similarly, the sons are seen wailing and crying for the beard. It’s a scandalous situation for the kids, and it’s the best way a parent can mess with their children. It’s funny and amazing to see how these young minds are so intrigued by beards.

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