Ten Troopers Show Up at Little League Game – Then People Notice the “Pray” Sign…

Every day police officers and other law enforcement officials have to put their lives in danger in the line of duty to protect civilians. Furthermore, these officers work day and night, even extra hours, to prevent further escalation of any criminal activity. They apprehend the suspects to keep the community safe. Some of these officers are injured or even lose their life in the process.

This is the story of Texas State Trooper Juan Rojas Tovar, who got shot on duty. A 27-year-old, Larry Winston Bollin, was at large after shooting one of his co-workers and injuring five others in Bryan, Texas. Juan on duty and responded to calls for emergency help at Kent Moore Cabinets.

While attempting to apprehend Bollin, Tovar was shot in the eye. He was rushed to the hospital for the required emergency medical care. Fortunately, he made it out alive. During his recovery, he missed one of his son’s baseball games. Hence, the whole team decided to surprise and support the family.

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