It Was a Normal Ballet Performance but Pay Attention to the Girl With Pink Warmer

Before you sit down to watch a movie, ordinarily research the plot. Or how talented and creative are the writers and directors? But when you sit down to watch a play or ballet, you get stripped of this same option. You may get to research the plot or even the choreographers.  But what’s to happen during the show is unpredictable.

That’s the beauty of live performances. Is someone going to make a mistake? Will they fall off the stage? The mind can wander all sorts of possibilities. Take this video featured below, for example. Just by the title, you get a notion that this is not an ordinary ballet performance. Initially, everything looks normal. The amazingly talented dancers dressed in impeccable white dresses adorned with a tiara flaunt their pirouettes.

Within few minutes, some sort of rivalry begins—a portrayal of jealousy to stand out not on the back with the other dancers. But on the very front with the main character dressed entirely different from the rest of the crew. The hilarious work of art is truly magnificent. Thanks to the creative choreographer Lauren Gonzales. She has put on quite an unforgettable show.

Do share your commentary on the innovative and comedic touch to ballet. Please press play and enjoy.

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