Funny Boxer Talks Back to Her Mom When She Makes Her Leave Friend’s House

The canine creatures share a high resemblance with human begins. Part of it could be the relationship that goes way back as people are the reason for the domestication of the animals. For years they have stayed loyal and caring to their owner.

With that level of closeness and history, the doggies are bound to throw some tantrum your way when things don’t go according to theirs. Take Daisy the agile pitbull for example. She resides in Oklahoma with her parents that been part of her upbringing. But every now and then Daisy runs off to the neighbor’s house to spend some time with her friend.


It’s not like Brittany restricts these visits in any way. However, when it’s time to go, the pooch is never ready and happy. In the clip as Brittany calls out for Daisy to step in the car, she immediately begins to get restless. The adorable pup sure wasn’t done running around at all. Furthermore, she acts stubborn all the way home.

Please press play and enjoy the notion Daisy put up with when scolded.

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