Former Ballerina With Dementia Listens To ‘Swan Lake’ And Starts To Dance Again

Recently a video went viral of an older woman swaying to the music of Swan Lake. The emotional clip was originally Asociación Música para Despertar to execute music therapy’s benefits on patients with memory loss.

Marta C. Gonzalez used to be a professional ballerina back in her days. But she has been residing in the nursing home due to dementia. The video is a year old. However, the association just released it a few months ago. Sadly she passed away the same year in the nursing home.

The video shows Gonzalez listening to music through headphones. The woman is immediately taken back by the melody. She is almost close to tearing when the employee grabs her hand and kisses it.

Gonzalez then spreads her arms, renditioning her memory of the song. This beautifully heartbreaking clip has enticed many viewers with a similar personal experience of a loved one. We only know a little about her life. This is making her the urban mystery amongst social media users. Please press play and enjoy these bittersweet memories. Do share if you have witnessed a similar experience in your life.

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