Tiny Baby Tells His Dad All About His Crazy Adventures – Sweet Video Earns Over 4 Million Views

Babies are the best things that could possibly happen to a parent. They will brighten your life in every way possible.

This video will make you fall in love for sure. This baby is only 4 months old but knows how to speak a lot. It is amazing and almost unbelievable that a kid this young is able to have conversations with his father. The dad is just as attentive toward the baby and the father’s enthusiasm is what makes the baby even more enthusiastic.

One might even wonder what this baby is trying to tell his dad but we can clearly see that he is trying to talk about his own adventures and some crazy things. The dad and the baby will make your heart flutter and smile to your ears. This video is nothing but a serotonin booster.

You’ll love them for sure. Watch the full video below!

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