10 Touching, Before-and-after Photos of People Growing Up With Their Pets

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Growing up with a pet can be very fun and good for mental health. These 10 people share them before and after pictures and nothing really is more wholesome.

Same spot, same folks

These guys and their pet may have changed with time but we can see that their friendship and love for one another is just the same. A decade is a big number for us but for these two, despite all the changes, these ten years are just mere numbers.

Grumpy cat

This girl really grew up with her cat and by that we mean literally grew up. She was just a little kid when she was introduced to this cat. However, things really changed as she grew up and everything besides her grumpy cat had changed3. , 14 years of difference did not really make a difference after all.

Puppy or not?

This little girl holds her puppy as if it’s her child. But, we can say that the puppy grew with love from the very tender arms and pure heart of the little owner. The girl surely has grown a lot but the only thing that remains the same is the need for the puppy to be loved.


Nothing has changed

Time really makes a person and even a dog go through a lot of things. Life ain’t all rainbows and butterflies for everyone at all times. However, things are different when a person grows up and it’s important for him or in this case her to grab her pet by the arms and keep smiling.

20 years of friendship

The toddler is a bit too tiny in the before picture. This duo is possibly the best one you will ever see. However, in the after picture, we can see that the tiny tot has now grown and so has her pet. The after picture marks 20 years of their friendship.

Nothing changed, not even the couch

Well, everything in this picture will give you a sense of nostalgia. The couch really has not changed and the guy’s smile remains just the same as it was years ago. Even the cat is in almost the same position as he was in the before picture.

This dog might as well vote now

It is always amazing to grow up with your pets. They basically become your best friends. The dog in this picture, Dodger, grew up with his loving owner and the boy from the picture has grown into a man as well. Dodger and his owner are both in their voting ages now.

This one’s actually so heartbreaking

The sweetest hellos can also lead to the hardest goodbyes. In the first picture, we see the two brothers embrace their new adorable pet. In the last picture again, they are bidding goodbye to the same good boy.

the Same everything

The woman in this picture is sporting the same shirt as she was decades ago. Everything in this picture seems to have an uncanny resemblance to one another. This woman and her pet are both very cute.

Old cat

Cats really have a long life. This 20-year-old cat will make you fall in love for sure. Its owner has really grown up from a little messy kid to a beautiful woman but the cat remains as posh and grumpy as ever.

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