Baby Speaks His First Word at Two Months Old – Melting Millions of People’s Heart

Although they are adorable, there is little that babies can do. From their birth to the time that they are about a year old, infants are entirely dependant on their parents. Moreover, after this time, they start learning rapidly. However, these parents were in for a shock when their baby said his first word when he was only two months old!

Every parent thinks that their child is special when they are born. But in the case of baby Jimmy, this seems actually to be the case! Moreover, the adorable boy is way ahead of infants his age! Expressly, babies start talking around the 9-12 month mark. So, that makes speedy Jimmy faster than other children by seven months. Additionally, 3.5 million are in awe of the infant’s talent!

first words baby jimmy

Jimmy’s parents couldn’t believe it when they heard him speak. So, they decide to keep the camera rolling in case the baby repeats it. Moreover, Jimmy’s Mom encourages him to talk, which makes the infant give the cutest smile. After a little coaxing, the 2-month-old says, “Mom!” And if that wasn’t enough proof, Jimmy says it one more time, loud and clear!

Watch the gifted baby talk below:

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