Baby Skunk Confuses Man’s Shoe for His Mom Prompting Pay Attention to His Next Move

A walk is always refreshing, as it helps to clear our clogged and stressed mind. Being in nature, we do come forth the wildest beings. Similar to the story below, Philip Nims and Sam decided to go for an evening run.

When a furry little buddy confronted Nims. A skunk came running towards him and even begin to sniff his shoes. The animal is known for its black and white stripes. As the man was wearing a similar color sneaker, the creature could have confused him for his lost family.

Baby Skunk Friend!! (ORIGINAL) 0-20 screenshot

Skunks are known for their defense mechanism. So, people naturally think they are stinky. But they are really adorable. Upon seeing the little guy, Nims starts petting him instantly. Moreover, they begin running around in the field. After a while, it was time to go home. Hence, the couple tries to guide the cute fuzzy creature to its family.

They fail a few times. Eventually, Sam requests her friend to pick him up and reunite with the family. I hope this fun footage brings a smile to your face.

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