Your Daily Dose of Cuteness. Two Precious Baby Otters Squeaking While They Eat Lunch

Smuggling wild and exotic animals have been going on for years. Every now and then, we hear in the news that it involves s some trading of these helpless creatures. The two otters in the video below almost had the same fate. But thankfully, the new owner was able to intercept and take these little fellows to safety.

Although they are safe and sound now, these little beings belong to wild nature. Otters are exceptional hunters who eat fish, crustaceans, and other critters. They began swimming when they are just two months old. The animals of water have every right to be in the sea. Despite strict regulation, these babies are still hunted for their furs, some almost to extinction.

In the clip, these adorable creatures have a temporary enclosure to rest. Every morning, they are fed their breakfast in a tiny bowl. When they could be eating fish off some oceans. However, the situation could have been worse. The tiny otters create one of the cutest noises as they gulp down their meal. It’s just too adorable for words.

Please press play and enjoy.

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