Wild Baby Horse Stuck in River Had Lost All Hope Until Rescuers Saw Her

Humans have been living with horses for about 5000 years. And although we have many horses in stables, there are still some herds that run around in the wild. Moreover, we live peacefully with these animals and rarely have encounters. However, this particular sighting of a wild baby horse saved its life!

Trout Creek in British Columbia, Canada has its fair share of raging waters. It is also a famous hiking trail for adventurers. While walking her dogs, a woman spotted a young horse in the waters. Moreover, the six-month-old filly was probably in the cold water for hours after slipping and falling down the embankment. Luckily, the passerby contacted O.A.T.S Horse Rescue, whose team came to help the drowning horse.

rivers rescue

When the rescuers arrive, the feral horse is clinging on the rocks for dear life. Suffering from hypothermia, it looks bone-weary. But rescuers walk through slippery rocks and rough waters to get the weak foal. Furthermore, when they tie a rope around it, which scares the wild animal, and it starts to fight against them. And the situation gets serious after “River” the horse collapses from exhaustion. Fortunately, rescuers use some plywood and tarp to get her safely out of the water.

Watch the incredible rescue below:

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