Baby Clydesdale Runs Into Stadium and Steals the Show During Mom’s Performance

If you like horses like me, you must have spent countless hours binging the beauty of these Clydesdale horses. Although they can grow up to 72 inches tall and 2,000 pounds heavy, this breed is known for its friendliness. If you ever rode one of these as a kid, you’ll know that they’re not as nervous as other types.

Because they were originally from Scotland, it wasn’t until 1842 that the Clydesdales made it to the United States. While this breed was originally used for farm work, such as pulling agricultural equipment and tools, hauling logs, and pulling milk and freight wagons, they are now mostly used for sports, fairs, and exhibits.


Clydesdales are frequently seen in musicals. Some of them are drum horses, carrying a 120-pound or heavier drum on their backs. But, despite the fact that you see these gracious creatures lined up and performing perfect choreographies, they also have a funny and playful side to them. Like in the video, there’s a little guy.

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