South Carolina Couple Nails It in Professional Shag Dancing Competition

We post quite a few articles about Carolina Shag dancing because we love it and our readers do too. Here’s one about a young couple that wowed the judges and the patrons in a recent competition.

Morgan Ayers and River Harmon are both well-known on the Carolina professional shag dancing circuit. Both have made the finals of many competitions dancing with a variety of partners. Here they’re at the Competitive Shaggers Association’s Fat Harold’s 2022 Hardwoods Classic Shag Contest and they are definitely showing people how it’s done.

Morgan is a native of Rock Hill, South Carolina, and has been competitively shag dancing since she was a kid. River is a native of Myrtle Beach, the birthplace of Carolina Shag, and has also been shag dancing since he was a boy.

The two did well in this competition, placing in third place overall in the professional division. They both received hundreds of gratulatory comments on their social media posts and both pinned a video of this dance at the top of their feeds–obviously they’re proud of it! Watch the video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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