‘CubCam’ Captures Double Birth of Endangered Sumatran Tiger Cubs

There are only around 300 to 400 Sumatran tigers left on earth, making them one of the most endangered species in the world. Due to widespread poaching and growing deforestation, these tigers are going through a massive decline in population in their natural habitat of Indonesia.

Therefore, when a new Sumatran cub is born, it is a big deal. Meet Melati. This expectant tiger give birth to a healthy cub at the ZSL London Zoo after 108 days of pregnancy. Her partner, Jae Jae, joined Melati in the den to welcome the newborn, and they carefully tended to the tiny cub. Happy staff from the zoo thought that was the end. But there was more to the picture.

Melati wasn’t done. An hour after the birth of her baby, the tigress looked a bit uncomfortable. She laid down again, making the zookeepers a little worried. It turns out Melati was going into labor again! The tigress delivered a second cub, her first child’s twin. This is a very rare occurrence amongst tigers.

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