Arctic Fox Stranded on Iceberg Miles From Shore Rescued by Fishermen

Icebergs are breaking at an alarming rate due to climate change. This means that animals are losing their habitat and hunting grounds. One day Alan Rusell, Mallory Harrigan, and her boyfriend Cliff Russell were crab fishing 2.5 miles offshore to William’s Harbour in Labrador, Canada. That’s when they saw something moving in the tip of a broken iceberg.

The animal must have been in the sheet of ice when it broke off and got trapped. Moreover, the poor thing was being bothered by vultures. No, it was not a Polar Bear, but rather another animal that is native to the are— an Arctic Fox! The crew could not reach it, so they rammed their boat on the ice. This tipped the iceberg over and scooped the Fox out from freezing waters.

At first, the shock of the cold water paralyzed the fox. So, the crew put the fox in a container with sawdust to dry it up. Moreover, they fed it Vienna sausages, which revived the little guy right up! After a few days of nursing it back to health, the couple and their friend dropped the pup off on land in Williams Harbour. They made sure that the area had “lots of critters and stuff” so that the grey creature would not have to worry about food ever again. Watch the incredible moment they release the fox below:

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