Saddest Dog in the World Finally Finds a Home, Take a Look at His Joyful Reaction

Howl of a Dog is one of the most prominent rescue groups in Romania. They have saved the lives of countless animals to date. Featured below is the story of one such animal. When they found her, this poor dog was homeless and emaciated. They rescued her from the city pound. They knew that she would have died there if they hadn’t taken her in.

The city pound in Romania is overcrowded and neglected. The kennels are covered in feces and dogs have to fight each other for food. “But a dog in her condition has zero chances of survival in a pound where dogs are crammed into filthy kennels, deprived of medical care and with little or low-quality food which often leads to them having to fight to survive,” the rescue states.

YouTube/Howl Of A Dog

The pooch, now named Anna, was in a very bad condition. She was only 9 pounds in weight, less than half of what she should have been. She was covered in fleas and mange, and her ribs were clearly visible. The dog’s ears and tails were infected too. Because of lack of food, other parts of her body were affected as well.

“She is anemic and dehydrated, lost significant muscle mass and body fat and the level of proteins in her blood is very low. The little food she was eating was actually consumed by the internal parasites from her digestive tract, leaving her even weaker. Her already fragile body was all covered in fleas causing constant itching and scratching. She was also diagnosed with Otodectic Mange and ear infections and had scars on her ears and an infected wound on the tail.”

YouTube/Howl Of A Dog

Anna was taken to the vet for emergency care. After getting fluids and amino acids, the pup was given a full bowl of kibbles. She ate it all. Anna was then transferred to a foster home for recovery. The journey ahead was going to be tough, but everyone was confident the dog would pull through.

Anna’s health started improving. Slowly, the once dying dog became outgoing and loving. This was her first experience of love, and she was enjoying it to the fullest!

YouTube/Howl Of A Dog

Anna befriends everyone she comes across, including cats! The pup found her forever family in New York. When her new owners heard her story, they wanted to make her a family member. She is doing well in their care. Anna also has a dog brother named Dakota. We are glad she got a second chance at life! Check out Anna’s amazing transformation below!

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