Baby Girl Steals Dog’s Treat and Dad Attempts to Negotiate a Deal

It is adorable to build a sweet give and take relationship with your dog. It takes many pieces of training and pleasant environment for a dog to train in their best behavior. Here Bravo shows his social behavior when Ava tries to steal his food.

Ava and Brano build a special relationship, and it’s hard not to take your eyes off. While Brano is chewing his treat, Ava steals his food. She seems fascinated by taking the dog’s crumbs. She places her hand in the dog bone and plays with it around. In the meantime, Brono catches Ava with his crumb and tries to take it back again. Although, the little baby doesn’t seem to give back his bits. Brano shows friendly gestures towards her.

Meanwhile, their dad tries to convince the baby to return Brano’s food. But, the little girl stubbornly refuses to provide his treat. Thus, I am pleased with the dog’s behavior towards the baby. This video is too cute to watch both of them playing back and forth with each other.

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