Furious Dad Confronts Cashier Who Embarrassed Daughter And Wife For Buying Sanitary Pads

You know the kind of feelings you have got when someone is trying to mess around with your daughter whom you have watched grow up to become a teenager? The bond a dad shares with his girl child is next to no other and he is determined to protect her all the time. He gets pissed off at the slight of embarrassment melted out on his daughter and would not take chances to defend her. That is what is seen in this video. This man confronts shop assistants who embarrass his daughter for buying a sanitary pad.

In the video, the man confronts the shop assistance saying “My wife and daughters came in here to buy some pads and you cracked a joke and embarrassed my daughter – you think that’s okay?” The assistance simply said I am sorry you feel this way. He didn’t bother to accept his fault not apologies properly. From his reply, he seems to be making a statement about the subjectivity of his actions not necessarily apologizing.

They exchange words for a while and then, the upset father explains why he is angry. He goes, “my daughter is crying and I’m not all right with it”. Yea, the fact is things connected to a girl child reproductive organ is very sensitive. Most girl child would rather prefer to keep such out of public how much more been exposed and embarrassed by a stranger.

Anyway, we like to know who you think is wrong and how you think the situation should have been handled.