Andrea Bocelli’s Son Performs Chilling Cover of One of Queen’s Hit Songs

Did you know Andrea Bocelli lost his eyesight at the age of 12 due to a football accident? Nevertheless, Mr. Bocelli knew his talent by heart. Hence, he proved them with his voice and releasing several beautiful songs.

Talent seems to run in the Bocelli family. In the clip below, Andrea’s son Matteo Bocelli gives us a sneak peek in his flawless voice. Matteo chooses the most heartwarming song by The Queen, Love of my life. His tribute to the band through this tune is pure bliss.

Matteo Bocelli - Love Of My Life - (Cover) - (Queen) 0-1 screenshot

Not only that, Matteo even plays the piano for the act. His work on the instrument is divine, and the way he sings will make you fall in love with him. I hope they take his talent to the next level cause the man is deserving of the praise. So, don’t forget to share your love for him in the comment section.

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