Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman Raise Goosebumps With “Time To Say Goodbye”

There are many brilliant artists in the world. However, no one has reached the heights that Andrea Bocelli has. Moreover, he is a master of live performances! And the incredible collaborations he brings to these concerts make it a once in a lifetime experience. But this particular show with a guest performer will send shivers down your spine!

Everyone can recognize Andrea Bocelli’s melodious voice. But the crowd at Teatro Del Silenzio was ecstatic to see the nation’s pride! Moreover, people cheer as Andrea introduces the night’s guest, Sarah Brightman, in his native language. Sarah is a well-known actress who is also famous as a musician, singer, and classical crossover soprano. And her talent is in full display in this performance.


It comes as an exciting surprise as Sarah begins by singing Italian opera. Her voice is so soothing and beautiful! But the moment she breaks into “Time To Say Goodbye” is just mesmerizing. Andrea follows with his powerful vocals and completes the song. Moreover, their voices just weave together in the chorus making the performance divine! Watch the entire video below:

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