She Asked Her Dog if He Munched on Her Glasses – Watch His Reaction

If you have a dog, you might be familiar with stuffs getting lost from your room and ending up in the yard. You look and look, then you realize there’s probably a four-footed bandit that had something to do with the disappearance…

Well in this video, Stephanie Lynn experiences exactly that. After searching for days, she discovered her specs in her backyard – without the lenses and missing about half of the frames. Her glasses had been chewed to pieces!

She knew who was responsible for this, her dog Rooney. So she called him out and asked him if he had done it. When I saw Rooney’s face during and after the investigation, I couldn’t hold my laughter! The poor boy looks so guilty, he even carried out a self-imposed jail sentence! Even Stephanie can’t stop giggling!

Watch Rooney’s guilty yet adorable face in the video below. Has your dog done something like this? Let us know about it in the Facebook comments!

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