Band Plays the Best Drumline Routine Ever. Their Sync Will Fill You in Chills

I remember watching the film “Drumline” and falling in love with how amazing drumline crews are. And when Beyonce performed at Coachella with some of the best drumline bands, I was sold. Just by looking at them, you can make assumptions on how hard it is. Drummers have to carry heavy drums for the entire time and play it standing.

On top of that, the drummers have to be in perfect sync to make it sound incredible. And don’t even get me started on the choreography. In conclusion, Drumlining is a tough job. But these flawless drummers in the video makes it seem like a piece of cake.

amazing drumline team

Drumline doesn’t just require a right ear for music. But it also involves a sense of discipline, a team-player quality, and a drive to be better. And The Cadets, an all-male drumline team, has all of that and more. The skilled drummers show off their amazing talent during a practice session at a parking lot.

Their perfect sync and the ability to maintain the right tempo will blow your mind away. And the best thing is how their coach is keeping a close eye on each member. Despite the scorching heat, the boys give their best shot and are massively impressive.

WATCH the Cadet’s incredible routine below.

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