87 Year Old Mom With Alzheimer’s Suddenly Recognizes Her Daughter And Tells She Loves Her

Alzheimer’s is a progressive mental deterioration that can occur when someone has reached middle or old age, due to the overall degeneration of the brain. It is one of the most common causes of premature senility. It is a painful condition, not only for the patient but their loved ones as well.

Imagine how heartbreaking it would be, to be with someone you love and not remember them at all. Kelly Gunderson’s mama is 87 years old and she suffers from Alzheimer’s. She can’t seem to remember most things, but in a passing moment of clarity, she recognizes her daughter. At first, she has some troubles, but what happened next is really heartwarming.

Kelly writes

“My 87-year-old mother with Alzheimer’s knew who I was, even if it was for just a moment.”

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