Grandmas Try Fireball Whiskey For The First Time, And It’s Hysterical

Trying anything for the first time is really exciting. Whether you are a little kid or an old man, experiencing new stuff is one of the best things in life. The video below features a bunch of adorable grandmas who are tasting “fireball” whiskey for the very first time in the lives. Wait till you see their hilarious reactions!

You might have had some fireball candies when you were a child. A “fireball” whiskey is similar to that, but it comes with the burn of whiskey. The lovely grandmas had unsurprisingly never even heard of this belly-warming drink before, so the video makers decided to introduce them to it. Almost all of the grannies agreed that the taste is not that bad.

Watch this funny clip below! Have you ever tasted a fireball whiskey before? Let us know in the comments section!

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