“Home Alone” Spoof Will Make You Want to Watch TV Commercials

Most of us complain about TV commercials as getting in the way of our viewing, or else we use the time to grab a snack or another drink. Here’s a TV ad you’ll want to stay in the room for–it’s hilarious!

This ad from global supermarket chain Aldi is based upon the iconic Christmas move Home Alone, which made Macaulay Culkin a start and spawned numerous funny spin-offs. It was written by John Hughes and directed by Chris Columbus, both of whom were Hollywood icons in their own right.

While the original was indeed hilarious, this commercial puts a wild spin on the story: the characters are carrots!

This clever clip has the carrot family on a plane to Paris when they realize they’ve forgotten little Kevin, just like the movie. But Aldi doesn’t forget it’s a commercial, so they take the opportunity to show you lots of food and make a few food jokes.

You’re sure to enjoy this short clip. Watch the full video below!

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