16 Months Old Was a Victim of Child Abuse. When I Saw What She Had to Go Through, I Cried!

Addison Weast was only 16 months old when she had to be rushed to the hospital due to severe injuries. Her step father, Cody Geddings, was babysitting her on the 31st of, 2010. The man started beating her out of nowhere. Then the cruel guy tried to falsify the facts and said that she had fallen from her crib, and that that was what caused the bruises. But when hospital staff checked her, they instantly recognized that the injuries happened due to extreme abuse and violence.

The hospital called the police, but unfortunately, the baby couldn’t be saved. She died on the 2nd of April. Cody was convicted and charged for killing Addison. Investigation showed that Geddings had a violent past. He was charged with 2nd degree murder, which resulted in a prison term. Geddings was Addison’s step-father at the time this incident happened, but he and her mother have since gotten a divorce.

No child should ever go through what poor Addison did. Abuse comes from not only strangers, but even those that are dear and near to us. So before you leave your child, think twice about who you are leaving them with.

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