He Lets A Homeless Poodle To Get Into His Car, But Keep An Eye On The Dog’s Fur

There are many homeless animals in the world. Tons of them get abandoned by their family every single day. But where there is bad, there is good too. Many incredible animal rescue organizations have been working day and night to save creatures in need of help. Hope for Paws is one of these incredible organizations. Till date, this amazing establishment has rescued hundreds of strays. And we couldn’t have been more grateful towards them for that reason. The video below features one of their rescues.

You are no doubt going to be in tears when you see how this little dog was rescued off the streets of LA. When they got the information about this homeless pooch, they wasted no time in rushing to her. The poor dog was found in a very devastating condition. They were told about her matted fur, but when they reached her, they realized that it was more severe that they had expected. She was in such a bad state that they couldn’t even tell if she was a male or a female dog.

When the strangers came near her, the dog was visibly scared. Every time they tried to get near her, she would growl and snarl at them. But thankfully, they managed to gain her trust in time. They consoled the dog and took her to safety after a few minutes of pats. They have named her Dolly. This little girl has changed so much since her rescue that she looks like a different dog now!

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