89-Year-Old Widow Gets Evicted from House She’s Lived in for Decades

Angie Tyma, an 89-year-old elderly woman has been through a lot in her life. Life was not so kind for her and she has been suffering in life ever since her husband passed away.

Despite Tyma’s long tenure in her hometown of Hudson, Florida, she recently received some devastating news.  Tyma sold the house a few years ago but continued to live there. The previous owner had relocated to Europe and stopped making mortgage payments without her knowledge. After only a short period of time, the elderly woman was informed that she was being formally evicted.

neighbors buy widow a house

Tyma had no idea what to do now that the house had gone into foreclosure. Even though her husband had been dead for almost two decades, she still didn’t expect to be cast out onto the streets. The woman was still adamant that she would figure out a way.

“They threw me out,” she said while speaking to the TODAY. “I couldn’t believe it.”


Tyma knew many of her neighbors, and they all started to get suspicious when they realized something was wrong. They knew something bad was going on when they saw everything in the house being packed up. Tyma’s friend and neighbor Danielle Calder found out what was going on after she started asking questions.

The neighbors immediately came to help when they saw Tyma’s belongings being removed from the house. But it was Danielle Calder, who lives nearby, who ultimately decided to repurchase the property. She got in touch with the business that won it at auction and repurchased it for $167,500. Tyma now rents from her.

“Quite honestly, I didn’t need another house,” Calder, 65, told TODAY. “But I needed her. I couldn’t see her living in a motel room… she’s been here so long. Everyone looks out for her.”


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