TV Ad Project Shows Healing Power of Animals for Lonely People

Here’s a video that was obviously intended to be a multi-part ad campaign shown over time. It part sadness, part feel-good. It reminds us that there are many, many lonely people in the world and that the holidays can be especially tough on them. But it also shows us how the pets like a tiny kitten can bring them hope and joy.

This ad was actually produced for John Lewis and Partners department stores for their Christmas 2022 ad campaign, but they did not choose it for their campaign. So it’s now being used as a charity fundraiser on YouTube.

According to its website: “With this song, we hope to raise money for multiple charities that support people who face loneliness everyday. Each £0.79p purchase of the charity single ‘All Night Long’ will help give support & companionship to the people who need it most in 2022. ”

In the video, a single woman whose kitten is clearly the center of her world is tragically separated when the kitten escapes and is hit by a car. She rushes it to the vet and waits for a result. Watch to see what happens!

This video is much longer than one commercial, so it would have been split up into a serial campaign where various parts were shown to tell a story. Since it wasn’t selected, it’s now being used to raise money–you can buy the song for £0.79p on iTunes or Amazon.

Amazing! Watch the full video below!

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