Stranger Captures Footage of a Man Abandoning Dog Who Gets Adopted 30 Minutes Later

A stranger with SUV car caught abandoning a three years old dog in a cc tv footage. The dog was left out on December 10, 2014.  The inspector who usually finds people throwing garbages in the illegal dumping sites saw the disturbing video. The inspector immediately informed the Kansas City Animal Center and rescued the dog.

The ex-owner of the dog, William Frank Lee, was arrested by the police with four more animal charges additionally. No matter the fact, the adorable pup was adopted soon after 30 minutes, he got displaced. As animals are loyal and kind to owners, humans found out to be the opposite of that. This video was cruel to watch the dog being kicked out of the car.

Furthermore, animal control says animals are abandoned all the time in the illegal sites of the roads. Although it is unlawful to abandon the animal, many people left their pets misplaced on the streets. Find out more to watch the cruel side of people. Watch the full story down below:

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