Owners Left This Her Behind When They Moved Away for Months- See Her Transformation When Help Arrives

The growing population of stray dogs is deeply saddening. Most of the time, the contributor are the owners of pets. We hear so many stories of pups and cats left behind.

I think that is very irresponsible behavior. Once you adopt a pet, S/He will be your full responsibility. However, not everyone thinks through their action. Similar is the story of Kona. The owner left this adorable pup behind, and the neighbor was feeding her from that moment.

Kona didn’t let anyone pet her until the help arrives from Hope For Paws. She was not agitated and even let the rescuers groom her. In the meantime, she sat there like a doll. Once the groomer cleaned her, she was put up for adoption. Within no time, she found a loving home.

The three small girls in the house loved their new companion. She was continually being pet and loved. At the very beginning of the video, Kona looked sad and terrified. However, by the end, she was happy and excited to be with her new loving family.

Please press play and watch the heartwarming story. Do share your thoughts on the excellent work executed by the organization.

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