7-Yr-Old Crushes It on National Anthem – Soccer Star Zlatan Loves It

Watching the U.S. National Anthem can give Americans the chills when the performance is good, and here’s one that sends shivers up and down the spine.

The LA Galaxy professional football club held a kid’s national anthem contest and 7-year-old Malea Emma earned the right to belt out the Star Spangled Banner before the game against the Seattle Sounders. Malea showed she had unbelievable pipes and a powerful upper register that will probably take her far in the singing world.

Malea’s song is accompanied by fireworks and cheering to make it truly special. At the time, superstar soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimović played for the Galaxy and clearly enjoyed the performance, laughing and clapping for Malea.

This is a performance that makes Americans proud! Watch the full video below:

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